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Bauer Vapor - Braemar Arena/Edina Area



If unable to attend tryouts, Please email to help get placed on a team.  Email us; Player name, birthdate, position, city, current AAA team, current winter team, cell #. We will get this to a coach.  A few spots remain on some teams.  Teams are divided by birth year.

Upcoming Events

Wed 7/27 Thu 7/28 Fri 7/29 Sat 7/30 Sun 7/31

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Practice w/2005 Stealth
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Scrimmage Day vs CANAM United in Duluth 2 Games
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Vapor Fever is Spreading!

Bauer Vapor AAA is expanding to 21+ Teams for the 2016 season and we’re looking for good people!

We want to continue the success of the Vapor program by adding good coaches, good parents and good players.  Please help us spread the word.

  • Tryouts are only needed for new players. 
  • Always looking for good coaches - email Tim to apply
  • Feel free to send referrals directly to coaches at any time.  If a coach is not listed at this time, please send them to TIM.
  • Complete list of coaches, emails and levels on our web site. 
  • Club site will have updates on coaches, format and new features throughout the year
  • Ice at Braemar, BIG, EP or SLP.  Exact dates and location are chosen by each coach.
  • Limited participants so we can focus our attention on a select group.
  • Goalie Training by Devenir Goaltenders.  All tournament goalies receive a one weekend camp in the spring.  Approximately 13 hours of training in three days.  

Vapor's Great Coaching Staff

Club Director; Tim Hawkinson - Contact if you would like to get involved as assistant or head coach.

2016 Coaches:

2008/2009 - Josh Elving and Sean Goudy
2007 Black  - Danny
2006 Black - Steve Salmon and Rolf Simonson
2006 Red - Jeff Lovell
2005 Black - Matt Russo
2005 Red - Jordan Sendar
2004 Black - Rolf Simonson
2004 Red - Mark Marshall 
2003 Black -  Shawn Reid
2003 Red - Shawn Olsen
2002 Team -  Chris and Craig
U19 Girls - Tony Etienne
U14 Girls - John and Jordan
U12 Girls - Matt Matsuura
U10 Girls - Adding for 2017 
U8 Girls-  Adding for 2017

Choose the team page on the left for more information on your level/birth year.  Contact the coach for information on how to tryout for their team. 

Tournaments that United AAA will participate in for 2015

United AAA Local Tournaments

Ignite the Ice: April 11-13
Minnesota Meltdown:  April 24-27
Shock Doctor Shootout:  May 1-4
Independent Classic:  May 15-18
SD Girl’s Shootout:  June 13-15
Easton Cup Invite:  August 7-10
Easton Cup Open:  August 14-17
Summer Finale:  August 21-24

Open and Invite, Boy’s and Girl’s Levels

Each team will choose three, four or five from this list.  Check with your team.

Get involved with United AAA Hockey

Fall Tryouts for all clubs have concluded.  Email the coach or Tim your player information.  More tryouts to occur either Thanksgiving or Winter Break

email to help get placed on a team.  Email us; Player name, birthdate, position, city, current AAA team, current winter team, cell #. We will get this to a coach.  A few spots remain on some teams.   Taking players for season that starts March 25, 2016.

Tim Hawkinson

Tim Hawkinson


Phone: 9529208826

2001 Vapor Named LPH Dynamoo Team of the Month!
Sponsored by Hockey Tours to Austria and Germany

Hockey Tours to Austria and Germany

Visit Website

United AAA and Showcase Euro Tours are headed to Munich and Salzburg to face off against the Red Bull Academy Hockey Clubs.  Four Teams for 2016.

July 23- 31:  Two boys team (2006/2005 and 2004/2003 birth years)
July 31-August 8:  One boys team (2002 and 2001 birth years)
August 8-16:  One girls team (7th and 8th graders)

 2016 United AAA Offerings

All options include: 
  • 25 - 45 hours of practice ice time
  • TWO, THREE or FOUR Top Local AAA Tournaments
  • Home and Away Jerseys
  • Game Socks (one pair)
  • Practice Jersey
  • Player Gift
  • All-inclusive pricing
  • Boy’s Birth Years:  2008 – 2000
  • Girl’s U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19  (U8 = 2007, 2006 birth years, U10 = 2005, 2004, etc)
  • Coaches that all PLAYED hockey and can also coach the game
Each individual coach chooses the # of hours of ice time for their team resulting in the amount owed.
Additional ice time, clinics and tournaments may be added on a case by case basis.

Register for Vapor AAA Team

Choose either registration below if you have been asked back by your coach, invited to the team or invited from tryouts.

Great job to all Vapor teams this Spring!

The Vapor AAA Hockey Program participated in five different Spring AAA Tournaments.  We came away with three championships, four second place and three third place finishes.  Vapor teams had winning records for 12 of the 16 tournaments.  Great job and congratulations to all of you!